The Colors of Humanity Workshop


A fun way for your family and friends to learn about their ColorPrint and for you to deepen your understanding of your own Colors in a community setting.  Not only will workshop participants learn about the Colors of their own ColorPrint and how that information can be used to improve their lives, they will also learn about all the Primary Colors in the ColorPrint System and why understanding each of them is valuable.


If you do not yet know your ColorPrint, there is a three-step process for participation in The Colors of Humanity Workshop:

Step 1:  Attend the free introductory live or conference call presentation:  “The ColorPrint:  Your Vibrational Signature” OR click here to download a 40-minute audio introduction

Step 2: Schedule an appointment for a ColorPrint Evaluation, which uses a pulse evaluation and kinesiology - 15 min.

Step 3: Attend The Colors of Humanity Workshop,  where you will learn not only about your own ColorPrint, but all the Colors of the human spectrum and why understanding them is valuable to your life.

If you already know your ColorPrint, we invite you to join the workshop to 1) review of your ColorPrint, 2) learn all the Primary ColorPrint Colors, 3)  reconnect with old colorful friends, and 4) network with new people with whom you can share the ColorPrint language and philosophy.  Those who know their ColorPrint may attend this workshop for a reduced price.

If you have also scheduled, but not yet had,  a Private Primary Communication Session, you are welcome to join the workshop to learn about the other Primary ColorPrint Colors and meet people who are also learning to live a life in alignment with their greatest gifts and talents.  Having both perspectives will deepen your understanding greatly.

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