Krysta Kavenaugh 

As a Color Communicator, Krysta Kavenaugh loves telling people what's wonderful about them and encourages people to be exactly who they are.

“Your ColorPrint tells you how you’re innately wired to be and explains your gifts, talents, qualities, needs and pacing.  When you live all of your Colors fully, you have more joy, aliveness, productivity and connectedness in your life.  I love seeing people being their radiant selves!” says Kavenaugh.  “I'm delighted you're getting your ColorPrint done.  You'll find it fun, fascinating (it’s about you!), informative, and immediately useable.”


Krysta, from her Colors, brings compassion, professionalism, transformation, easily understandable content, and abundant energy and passion to her work with HLS.  She considers herself bilingual -- English and Colors.  She’s been involved with HLS since ‘97 -- and will continue to do so for the rest of her life.


Krysta, double MA, CSP, Rev., also brings her 30+ year background in counseling, professional speaking, and editing.  She's spoken to almost 1/2 million people.  She's the editor-in-chief of Marriage, a national magazine based in St. Paul, MN.  She also works with another system she loves: Soul Solutions: Gently Transforming Your Life, family/systemic constellation work.



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 Krysta's Primary ColorPrint


Krysta tells about her ColorPrint below so you can know who you are talking with in your ColorPrint Session.


My Environment is Saffron.  Saffrons are known for their intense focus, abundant energy, and determination.  Saffrons are leaders with a never-give-up attitude.  Saffrons love challenges, as well as starting and landing projects (the middle, routine part of stuff is kind of boring for Saffrons).


My Expression Color is Mocha.  Mocha and Saffron are almost opposites.  Mocha is one of the most relaxed Colors because they know their life has a purpose.  They are simply elegant and elegantly simple.  They are known as the "universal translators" because they can take a wealth of information, distill it to its essence, and give others the information in a simple format (all manuals and directions, if designed by Mochas, would be easy to follow!).  Mochas are often teachers, speakers, writers, designers or artists, especially when it is found in the Expression area.


My Intimacy Color is Gold.  Golds loves transformation, and it's hard to be with a Gold if you want to stay stuck (especially with Saffron)!  Golds love to accept responsibility and, as a leader Color, tend to take on expansive projects they're in charge of.  They are great at listening to others, and then "proclaiming" a solution.  Gold proclamations are powerful; just like alchemists of old who changed lead to gold, a Gold's words have that same power.  Golds want respect, appreciation and being heard/listened to.  Golds love personal growth and development.


My Life-Force Color is White.  Whites love feelings -- their own or others.  They easily hold space for people to experience their feelings -- and since any feeling is okay for a White, whatever ones you may have (positive, negative or neutral) during our session are just fine by me!  White is a highly compassionate Color and, because it lives in my heart chakra, mine is that much more compassionate.  We talk of sending "white light" to others to comfort them; that's what it's like to be in the presence of a White -- naturally healing and soothing.  Whites need to have time and space to connect with Spirit. 


My Intention Color is Nectarine.  Nectarine and White are seemingly opposites as well.  Nectarines know how to structure their time and life.  They are often CEO’s or entrepreneurs because this is another leader color.  Nectarines are timely, strategic, and professional.  They are quick to pick up what is not working in a situation and know how to fix it.  They are great at strategically planning projects to bring them to fruition. 


So, in summary, I can be intense, relaxed, transformative, compassionate and professional.  I have three leader colors, so I can typically say what I mean and am often in charge of projects.  I'm also a "softie" with this White Life-Force in my heart.  My Mocha helps balance all the leader energy with relaxation, simplicity and humility.





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