Joan Breen Blanchard

Joan Breen-Blanchard has spent more then 25 years working intimately with color as an Interior Designer. She was introduced to the ColorPrint in 1997 and at that time realized that HoloChromatic Life Sciences needed to become part of her life's work. She now communicates the details of the ColorPrint to clients, assisting them in clearly understanding the information it reveals.


Joan’s Primary ColorPrint

Joan's Environment Color is Magenta, and represents the environments in which she thrives, and the manner in which she makes decisions. The Environment Color correlates to the health of the nervous system.

Magenta energy is highly creative, establishes confidence and pushes us to reach our full potential. Magenta consciousness brings dynamic pressure that promotes the feeling of a coach who is always in our corner. Magenta Environment people need spacious environments to expand into their powerful, creative potential. The attitudes in their environments ideally support the unlimited potential of all people. They thrive on making decisions under pressure. Magenta is a Space Color.

Joan's Expression Color is Crystal, and describes the way she expresses herself in the world and makes a difference through her career and hobbies. The Expression Color directly affects the health of the glandular system.

Crystal energy is directive, precise and exact. Crystal consciousness provides clear insights. Crystal Expression people are highly attuned to the people and energy around them, making them excellent teachers, guides and health practitioners. They need to be gifting humanity with their clarity and healing skills daily, either in their career or in hobbies. Crystal in an Earth Color.

Joan's Intimacy Color is Blue Topaz, corresponding to her private nature, how she supports herself in daily activities, and the way she connects closely with family and friends.  The Intimacy Color relates to the health of the organ systems.

Blue Topaz energy brings powerful feeling and devotional action to any cause or plight in the world. Blue Topaz consciousness does not close the heart to the less fortunate, rather opens it wide to serve. Blue Topaz Intimacy people will get close to others with whom they can share causes. In relationships, they need to be appreciated for their depth of feeling and connect best with others who allow themselves to feel deeply as well. Blue Topaz is a Water Color.

Joan's Life Force Color is Gold, and relates to the passionate, guiding force in her life, giving her zest and recharging her battery.  The Life Force Color relates to the health of the joints, sight, hearing, immune system, and reproductive health. 

Gold energy summons the ability to handle responsibilities for large and expansive projects and communities. Gold consciousness powerfully catalyzes transformation. Gold Life Force people will feel most alive when they are going through personal change and transformation and encouraging others to do the same. They will be driven to take on large responsibilities. Gold is a Space Color.

Joan's Intention Color is Red Topaz, and is the backdrop for everything she does, representing the style with which she lives her life. The Intention Color relates to the health of the body tissues.

Red Topaz energy emphasizes integrity, both in body and mind. Red Topaz consciousness stimulates the need for physical activity and establishes personal relationships through honesty and healthy boundaries. The overall theme in life for a Red Topaz Intention person is the drive for truth, integrity, hard work, and a need for physical movement. They will bring a vivacious quickness to every mental or physical activity. Red Topaz is an Air Color.


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