Jamie Champion

Developer of the ColorPrint Personality Profiling System


Jamie Champion is a visionary paradigm shifter (see Jamie's Primary ColorPrint Summary below).  He is the founder of HoloChromatic Life Sciences and has spent 25 years in development of the ColorPrint Personality Profiling System and ColorPrint Healing Therapeutics.  He consults with individuals, couples, families and businesses using the ColorPrint as a guide to foster greater communication, understanding, purpose, fulfillment, and health.

Jamie’s vision is to see the ColorPrint used on every continent, building bridges between people and encouraging everyone to express their life energy powerfully.  With the ColorPrint Healing Therapeutics he teaches self-healing, guides people in transforming their limiting belief systems, and supports people in finding a vision of their future, in which they are empowered to live a life they’ve chosen, not just fallen into by chance.

In 1996, in recognition of the development of the ColorPrint, he was granted an Honorary Doctorate Degree in Energetic Medicine.


Jamie’s Primary ColorPrint

Jamie's Environment Color is Indigo Topaz, which represents the environments in which he thrives, and the manner in which he makes decisions. The Environment Color correlates to the health of the nervous system.

Indigo Topaz energy builds communication bridges between people. Indigo Topaz consciousness warms human interactions by genuinely appreciating the diversity of humanity. Indigo Topaz Environment people need environments where all types of people are honored and celebrated. Their best decisions are made once they have gathered input from others in their circle. Indigo Topaz is a Fire Color.

Jamie's Expression Color is Lapis Blue, which describes the way he expresses himself in the world and makes a difference through his career and hobbies. The Expression Color directly affects the health of the glandular system.

Lapis Blue energy wakes people up to their inner dreams and emotional power. It motivates people to move their life energy and come alive. Lapis Blue Expression people ideally have a career or hobby that provides them with a daily outlet for their powerful communication and expression of energy, such as speaking, singing, acting, or the martial arts. They are gifted motivators. Lapis Blue is a Water Color.

Jamie's Intimacy Color is Crystal, corresponding to his private nature, how he supports himself in daily activities, and the way he connects closely with family and friends. The Intimacy Color relates to the health of the body's organs.

Crystal energy is directive, precise and exact. Crystal consciousness provides clear insights. Because they are highly attuned to the people and energy around them, Crystal Intimacy people need solid, consistent relationships that are geared toward healing and health. They feel loved when they have someone to share their clear, uplifting, healing insights and abilities with on a daily basis. Crystal is an Earth Color.

Jamie's Life-force Color is Red Gold, which relates to the passionate, guiding force in his life, which gives him his overall zest and recharges his battery. The Life Force Color relates to the health of the joints, sight, hearing, immune system and reproductive health.

Red Gold energy is opens our eyes to new ways in which to interact with our world. Red Gold Life Force people are driven to tear down that which is not working, and rebuild it in a healthier, more productive manner. Their battery recharges when they have time alone to grow and develop as a human being. Red Gold is a Space Color.

Jamie's Intention Color is Violet, which is the backdrop for everything he does, representing the style with which he lives his life. This color relates to the health of the body's tissues.

Violet energy is visionary, and powerful, opening the door to new potentials. Violet consciousness provides hope and future possibilities that keep us alive and well. Violet Intention people will constantly be envisioning, and clearing away obstacles to their visions, in every aspect of their life. Their philosophies of how to improve the world for future generations will weave throughout all they do. Violet is an Air Color.



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