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Chaya Grace Champion




First, in an attempt to avoid too much confusion, let me say right up front that Wendy Williams and Chaya Grace Champion are the same person.  I was named Wendy by my parents and at age 30 changed it to Chaya Grace, later adding Champion when I got married. 




I’ve recently been ‘reclaiming’ Wendy Williams as it makes more sense to co-author our forthcoming book this way. In general, I refer to myself usually as Chaya, unless I’m talking to people I know from my diving years, because, it just doesn’t seem right.  I’m a Gemini, so I’m perfectly okay with having two names, so if we should have the pleasure of meeting, feel free to call me either.  Since part of our first book is my personal journey of self-discovery through the lens of the ColorPrint, I’ll tell you the story there about why I changed my name from Wendy to Chaya.


Personally, discovering my ColorPrint opened my world to a whole new way of seeing myself, accessing my potential, and seeing the beauty in others.  All of my relationships improved, I discovered what I needed on a daily basis to truly love my work, and I found ways I could contribute to the world that would serve a purpose and bring me joy at the same time.


I absolutely love my sessions with clients where I get to reveal to them what their ColorPrint means and how to apply it to their lives.  Sharing with them new ways to see their own innate beauty and natural gifts, and helping them use that information to create a fabulous life is one of the highlights of my day. 



Since I’m an Olympic Bronze Medalist (Diving, 1988), I understand what it takes to claim your personal power, manifest dreams, and be excited about life.  And, because of knowing my ColorPrint, I’ve been able to design a life that feeds me on all levels, so that I can in turn, give my gifts to the world. These experiences give me the confidence to help my clients also discover ways to improve their lives, find more fulfillment, and live into their potential.


Technically I’m also the ‘Creative Director’ here at HLS, but truly, our creative endeavors are a team effort, with all of us sparking and bringing out the best in each other.  I am deeply grateful for Jamie and Sallie and our interactions here at the HLS Headquarters, and to Joan and Krysta for all their years of communicating ColorPrints to others and helping us spread ColorPrint Self-Awareness to as many people as possible.  Because of them, and all the people who have been attracted to this work, I know we will manifest our vision of ColorPrinting the world, bringing healing, joy, and colorful consciousness to all corners of the globe.

Chaya’s Primary ColorPrint (Wendy's too)

Chaya's Environment Color is Apricot, which represents the environments in which she thrives, and the manner in which she makes decisions. The Environment Color correlates to the health of the nervous system.

Apricot energy is inspirational and lights the fire of a person's creative potential. Apricot consciousness is equated with a heightened sense of perception, and a sprightly, childlike sense of wonderment. Apricot Environment people love to be in environments that are charged with imagination, creative inventiveness and originality. Their best decisions will be the ones that inspire them or others. Apricot is a Fire Color.

Chaya's Expression Color is Red Topaz, which describes the way she expresses herself in the world and makes a difference through her career and hobbies. The Expression Color directly affects the health of the glandular system.

Red Topaz energy emphasizes integrity, both in body and mind. Red Topaz consciousness stimulates the need for physical activity and establishes personal relationships through honesty and healthy boundaries. Red Topaz Expression people thrive in jobs where they can work hard physically, and emotionally connect with others at the same time. It is critical that the people they work with have integrity and welcome honesty. Red Topaz is an Air Color.

Chaya's Intimacy Color is White, corresponding to her private nature, how she supports herself in daily activities, and the way she connects closely with family and friends.  The Intimacy Color relates to the health of the body's organs.

White energy evokes compassion and lightens everything it touches. White consciousness is naturally healing and soothing to anyone in emotional pain or suffering. White Intimacy people need emotional honesty in relationships. They will feel close with others who share their feelings as well as listen with compassion. They must also have ample alone time within relationships for inner reflection. White is a Space Color.

Chaya's Life Force Color is Purple, which relates to the passionate, guiding force in her life, giving her zest and recharging her battery. The Life Force Color relates to the health of the joints, sight, hearing, immune system and reproductive health.

Purple energy is beautifully expressive and seeks creative outlets in which to flow through life. Purple consciousness elicits nurturing feedback expressed in a positive and uplifting way. Ideally, Purple Life Force people are driven by artistic expression or appreciation, and have lives that are rich and full of passion when they are creating and experiencing beauty on a daily basis. Purple is a Water Color.

Chaya's Intention Color is Blue Green, and is the backdrop for everything she does, representing the style with which she lives her life. This color relates to the health of the body's tissues.

Blue Green energy brings child-like wonder and natural inquisitiveness. Blue Green consciousness is equated with enthusiasm. Blue Green Intention people need to always be participating in activities that allow them to express their vitality. Motivation, health, and enthusiasm will weave through all facets of their life. Blue Green is an Air Color.





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