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Weekly Nutrition Plus Program


What is your relationship with your body, food and lifestyle choices?

Do you feel good?  Do you feel great?

 Is there room for improvement? 




Increase your energy!  Impact your daily health and vibrancy level by applying these practical life-changing suggestions. 


Weekly 30-minute educational recordings

with Jamie Champion, Developer of ColorPrint Nutrition and ColorPrint Therapeutics


 A sampling of the topics include:


*  Optimal Immune Functioning

*  Disease Prevention

*  Cleansing

*  Improving Digestion

*  Weight Control

*  Eating For Your Body Type

*  Whole Foods

*  Vitamins/Minerals/Trace Elements

*  Acid/Alkaline Balance


Bonus Feature


Receive free online access to the call for 30 days after the broadcast.  



WHEN:  New recording available each week by

 Wed. 6:00 p.m. EST


FEE:  $14.95/mo. 


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Weekly Nutrition Plus Program

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Fees charged to a credit/debit card on the 1st of each month.

 Cancel at any time.  NO RISK!  Money back guarantee for the first 90 days.







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Jamie Champion’s nutrition background:


 Jamie earned his degree from the University of Michigan in Human Nutrition in 1981.  He was the director of Hippocrates Cancer Center in Michigan in the mid-1980’s, a clinic devoted to treating cancer naturally, with healthy food and nutrition.


Jamie has spent 25 years developing the ColorPrint Personality Profiling System, ColorPrint Nutrition, and ColorPrint Healing Therapeutics.  Currently he travels nationwide lecturing, teaching, and leading personal growth workshops, in addition to his online study courses and private consulting practice where he uses the ColorPrint tools to guide people down a path toward optimal physical, emotional, and mental health.





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