1) Using Your Intuition

We want to encourage you to use your intuition when choosing your ColorEssences.


Ideally, we are all healthy and comfortable with all the different gifts and talents available to humanity, i.e., the consciousness of all the HoloChromatic Colors.  Here are a few general guidelines when choosing ColorEssences:


·         If you sense you are not as strong in a Color’s talents as you would like, taking it's corresponding ColorEssence is a great way to begin the journey toward wholeness. 

·         Take ColorEssences that correspond to your ColorPrint to strengthen your innate gifts and talents.

·         Choose ColorEssences that support what you need in any given moment or situation.


Especially when you are working with ColorEssences because you sense you need it’s medicine, don’t be too surprised if you find yourself in an ‘emotional detox’ situation.  This is to be celebrated! Discomfort and awareness of pain or conflict is a normal part of the journey towards wellness, and can lead to a much more complete state of health than the suppression of pain.


Here are a few more ideas for tuning into your intuition for choosing ColorEssences:


1)  Look at the list of ColorEssences or at the bottles themselves. What Colors draw you in?  A Color may appeal to you because you are already healthy in that consciousness, or because you need it as ’medicine’. Which is it? If you honestly don’t know, reading up on that Color may help.  Either way, taking that ColorEssence will strengthen and enhance your gifts that correspond to that Color. 


2)  What Colors repel you?  If a Color is unappealing to you, you will probably also find that you are ‘weak’ in that consciousness.  Selecting the ColorEssences that don’t at first appeal to you may stimulate awareness of your conflicts and challenges, and strengthen your ability to work through the obstacles to optimal health and personal growth.


3)  Again looking at the list or the bottles, look at the consciousness associated with each Color, and ask yourself, “Do I have enough of that in my life?  Am I strong in that quality, or do I need to improve?” 


For example: Are you inspired by your life?  Do you have an abundance of inspiration, or do you find your life is dull, boring, hum-drum?  If you are in need of inspiration, adding Apricot ColorEssence to your daily water, bath, or skin care products will help you to feel more alive and in touch with the inspiration that is your birthright, and already a part of your natural humanity.


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2) Specific HoloChromatic ColorEssence Protocols    

Designed by HoloChromatic Life Sciences Developer, Jamie Champion

For people who know their ColorPrint




This protocol is a 5-week cycle, and is ideally done three times in a row, spanning 15 weeks total.  Each week a different ColorEssence corresponding to your Primary ColorPrint is used.


  • Week 1: Your Environment Color
  • Week 2: Your Expression Color
  • Week 3: Your Intimacy Color
  • Week 4: Your Life Force Color
  • Week 5: Your Intention Color

Each day of each week take at least one of the following actions:


  • Take 21 drops in water
  • Put 21 drops in bath or added to body care
  • Apply drops to key body areas, such as your temples, back of neck, heart, top of head, bottoms of feet.  Especially effective when used on the Color’s Resonance Point*, or, if you know which energy centers your Colors reside in, apply to the corresponding body area.

 *You can order the Color Resonance Points chart by calling our office.




Follow the Primary ColorPrint Strengthening protocol, but substitute these ColorEssences each week:

  • Week 1: Your Life Force Color
  • Week 2: Your Intimacy Color
  • Week 3: Your Emotional Intimacy Color
  • Week 4: Your Communication Intimacy Color
  • Week 5: Your Mental Intimacy Color


Added bonus - get your significant other to join you using his or her own ColorEssences!




This is a 28-day protocol which cycles through your 14 ColorPrint ColorEssences twice.


Every day take 21 drops in water or under your tongue, three times.  For additional support, add steps B & C from above.  Each day use a different ColorEsssence, following this developmental order: 


Day 1: Your Environment Color /  Day 2: Your Expression Color / Day 3: Your Intimacy Color / Day 4: Your Life Force Color / Day 5: Your Intention Color / Day 6: Your Emotional Environment Color / Day 7: Your Emotional Expression Color / Day 8: Your Emotional Intimacy Color / Day 9: Your Communication Environment Color / Day 10: Your Communication Expression Color / Day 11: Your Communication Intimacy Color / Day 12: Your Mental Environment Color / Day 13: Your Mental Expression Color / Day 14: Your Mental Intimacy




Join The Color Of The Week Self-Healing Program and use a different ColorEssence each week as you improve your ability to use of all your colorful gifts!  ...More


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