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Each ColorEssence has also been given a name to help you instantly get a sense of the medicine it offers.  The ColorEssences are listed below.  Scroll down for a brief description of each.  A deeper understanding of all the HoloChromatic Colors can be found in The 52 Colors Of The Human Rainbow.




Apricot - Inspiration                       Black Gold - Wisdom                    Blue - Commitment

Blue Gold - Nurturing                     Blue Green - Enthusiasm             Blue Topaz - Purpose

Crystal - Energy Clearing              Emerald - Insight                         Gold - Prosperity                                

Green - Concentrate                      Green Gold - Resolution              Green Topaz - Understand

Indigo - Intuition                             Indigo Gold - Trust                   Indigo Topaz - Connect                       

Lapis Blue - Vibrant Chi                   Lavender - Heart’s Desire          Lemon - Laughter

Lime - Conviction                            Magenta - Confidence                 Mango - Courage                                

Mocha - Relax                           Mocha Gold - Optimism               Nectarine - Leadership

Orange - Organize                          Orange Gold - Protection            Orange Topaz - Release                    

Peach - Forgiveness                  Pink - Open Heart                         Plum - Accountable

Purple - Sensuality                          Purple Gold - Creativity               Red - Honesty                                     

Red Gold - Personal Growth          Red Topaz - Boundaries          Saffron - Launch

Sea Blue - Prevention                     Silver - Support                            Silver Gold - Mindful                            

Sky Blue - Stability                          Topaz - Will Power                    Turquoise - Coordination

Ultraviolet - Empower                       Ultraviolet White - Reveal            Violet - Vision                                       

Violet Crystal - Manifest                   Violet Gold - Conscience              White - Compassion

White Gold - Balance                   Yellow - Playful                      Yellow Crystal - Imagine                 

Yellow Gold - Light Heart




Apricot / Inspiration Apricot consciousness catalyzes your ability to live an inspired life, increases perception, and sparks a child-like sense of wonder.


Black Gold / Wisdom Black Gold consciousness brings wisdom and clarity to life’s many questions, and promotes transformation through a deeper understanding of life’s mysteries.   


Blue / Commitment Blue consciousness supports loyalty and increases your depth of dedication. It also promotes emotional healing by transforming past trauma.


Blue Gold / Nurturing Blue Gold consciousness transforms emotional extremes through consistent nurturing, love, patience, and an even-tempered disposition.


Blue Green / Enthusiasm Blue Green consciousness evokes enthusiasm for life and stimulates your ability to influence others with excitement.


Blue Topaz / Purpose Blue Topaz consciousness helps you realize you make a difference in the world, and awakens the will to take action on behalf of the welfare of others.


Crystal / Energy Clearing Crystal consciousness enables you to feel and move stuck energy in others.  It also aids in disconnecting from others’ energy, and grounding electromagnetic tension.


Emerald / Insight Emerald consciousness improves your ability to quickly see what is needed by illuminating solutions both logically and intuitively. It also stimulates your ability to speak up, communicating your insights tactfully but precisely.


Gold / Prosperity Gold consciousness creates an opening for prosperity by catalyzing transformation, stimulating generosity, and aligning you with the flow of abundance.  It also reminds you to powerfully, and positively, proclaim what you want in life.


Green / Concentrate Green consciousness activates your concentration and logical thinking, and assists your ability to process information quickly.


Green Gold / Resolution Green Gold consciousness facilitates peaceful resolution by encouraging good discernment on the path to harmony.


Green Topaz / Understand Green Topaz consciousness kindles a love of learning, improves comprehension, and fuels your desire to understand and improve your relationships.


Indigo / Intuition Indigo consciousness creates physical, mental, and emotional safety through sensitive awareness and preventative measures.


Indigo Gold / Trust Indigo Gold consciousness increases trust that everything happens for a reason, facilitating greater alignment with the natural flow of the Universe.


Indigo Topaz / Connect Indigo Topaz consciousness awakens your appreciation for people.  It develops your ability to reach out and build rapport with others, regardless of differences. 


Lapis Blue / Vibrant Chi Lapis Blue consciousness enlivens the energy flow in your body. By waking up your natural emotional power and charisma, it enhances any type of performing.


Lavender / Heart’s Desire Lavender consciousness provides the courage to be authentic, follow your heart, and do what you love to do, regardless of what others or the world around you says you should be doing.


Lemon / Laughter Lemon consciousness inspires compassionate humor and awakens your ability to laugh and joke around easily.


Lime / Conviction Lime consciousness strengthens your convictions and the ability to powerfully communicate your personal beliefs.


Magenta / Confidence Magenta consciousness inspires self-confidence, boosts a can-do attitude, and enhances your capacity for handling pressure.


Mango / Courage Mango consciousness incites bravery, boldness, and an adventurous spirit, enabling you to face your fears and conquer any challenge. It also helps you to respond to emergencies quickly.


Mocha / Relax Mocha consciousness helps you relax and unwind. It creates elegant simplicity and a zen-like calmness.


Mocha Gold / Optimism  Mocha Gold consciousness awakens the power of positive thinking and a resourceful attitude, establishing a sense of optimism, independence and self-reliance. 


Nectarine / Leadership Nectarine consciousness fosters your ability to take charge and bring strategic planning to any situation.  It also reminds you to honor your time and to develop a structure for your life.


Orange / Organize Orange consciousness cultivates your skills of staying conscious in messy situations and putting things in order.


Orange Gold / Protection Orange Gold consciousness fuels the power to protect yourself and others by igniting a warrior-like energy to provide assurance and safety.


Orange Topaz / Release Orange Topaz consciousness enables the release of physical and mental clutter that is no longer needed, so that true brilliance shines, and inventive thinking flourishes.


Peach / Forgiveness Peach consciousness cultivates good communication, friendliness, helpfulness, and the melting of grudges into forgiveness.


Pink / Open Heart Pink consciousness opens your heart with gentleness and kindness, and nurtures loving, tender-hearted relationships. 


Plum / Accountable Plum consciousness conquers procrastination and assists you in completing what you’ve said you would do.  It instills accountability and trustworthiness, reinforcing your ability to honor agreements and follow through on your words and actions.


Purple / Sensuality Purple consciousness nourishes the senses with beauty through words, artistry, and romance.


Purple Gold / Creativity Purple Gold consciousness awakens awareness of your innate gifts and talents, unleashing your inner artistry and eliciting beautiful creations.


Red / Honesty Red consciousness establishes the strength to tell the truth, building integrity through direct honesty.


Red Gold / Personal Growth Red Gold consciousness activates the courage to grow and develop each day, illuminating opportunities for personal growth.


Red Topaz / Boundaries Red Topaz consciousness establishes healthy boundaries by providing you with the strength to say “no” and set limits.


Saffron / Launch Saffron consciousness boosts the focus and energy needed to ignite action, stimulating the fire and initiative to get off your butt and “go for it.”


Sea Blue / Prevention Sea Blue consciousness creates physical, mental, and emotional safety through sensitive awareness and preventative measures.


Silver / Support Silver consciousness opens the pathway to give and receive support easily.  It helps you to welcome assistance graciously when needed, as well as volunteer your service to others appropriately.


Silver Gold / Mindful Silver Gold consciousness illuminates the Divine in all and awakens loving attention, presence and mindfulness.


Sky Blue / Stability Sky Blue consciousness builds a life that is stable, grounded, and comforting, cultivating a sense of security.


Topaz / Will Power Topaz consciousness strengthens will power and determination, and establishes the fortitude and resolve to achieve any goal through consistent effort.


Turquoise / Coordination Turquoise consciousness elicits graceful and harmonious movement. Additionally, it assists you in multi-tasking and juggling the many elements of life with ease.


Ultraviolet / Empower Ultraviolet consciousness elicits an empowered, calm and assertive presence that fuels and sustains the drive to move your dreams forward.


Ultraviolet White / Reveal Ultraviolet White consciousness sparks the willingness, courage, and reassurance needed to fearlessly uncover and work through deep-seated issues.  UV White also ignites your sexual energy and provides encouragement to truly love your body.


Violet / Vision Violet consciousness generates visions of a bright future and hopeful ideas of what is possible.


Violet Crystal / Infinite Possibility Violet Crystal creates the space for inspired dreams to come into reality, harnessing and directing your power of manifestation.


Violet Gold / Conscience Violet Gold consciousness heightens your awareness of consequences and ensures that every thought, word, and deed is a conscious positive choice.


White / Compassion White consciousness enables your ability to share feelings, and improves your empathic, compassionate understanding of others’ feelings.  Additionally, it helps you distinguish between your feelings and those of others’, so you don’t get lost in others’ dramas.


White Gold / Balance White Gold consciousness facilitates living a balanced, harmonious, and spiritually-centered life by assisting you in establishing clear priorities.


Yellow / Playful Yellow consciousness kindles childlike playfulness and joy.  It sparks your ability to have fun and be frivolous.


Yellow Crystal / Imagine Yellow Crystal consciousness ignites imagination and wakes up the power to creatively design your life.


Yellow Gold / Light Heart Yellow Gold consciousness wakes up a light–hearted and carefree disposition and encourages a humorous perspective of life’s dramas.


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