• Light Infused Water - the foundational ingredient unique to the HoloChromatic ColorEssences is light.  Using a highly specialized instrument and a proprietary process, distilled water is infused with the light frequency of the corresponding Color.  This electromagnetically charged water then carries the consciousness gifts of that Color.

  • Flower Essence - each ColorEssence includes a flower essence of the same vibration.  Flower essences are energetic imprints of the life force of plants and have been used for decades to enhance emotional and mental wellness.

  • Gem Essence - All precious and semi-precious gems have one primary corresponding Color of Consciousness.  A gem essence has been made for each of the 52 HoloChromatic Colors using specially chosen specimen gems and following traditional gem essence methods, which is then added to the ColorEssence of the same vibration.

For example, here are the ingredients in the Pink ColorEssence, also called 'Open Heart':  Pink light-infused water, essence of 'The Fairy' rose, and essence of Rose Quartz. (Also brandy, as a preservative).


'The Fairy' rose and Rose Quartz both resonate to the same frequency as Pink consciousness. This Pink energy opens our hearts with gentleness and kindness and teaches us how to give our love to others easily.




  • Internal – add to drinking water or directly under tongue.  
  • External – directly on the body, in a bath, or added to body care products (order the HoloChromatic Resonance Points chart for a map of powerful points on the body to put the ColorEssences.


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